- ADA Toilet Grab Bar Specification-


In order to comply with the specifications reach range, the toilet must be centered 18" to an adjacent side wall or partition. The sidewall must be a minimum length of 54". If flush controls are not automatic, they must be located on the wide, open side of the toilet.

The outside diameter gripping surface of the handrail or grab bar must be 1-1/4" to 1-1/2", or the shape must provide an equivalent gripping surface. If handrails or grab bars are mounted adjacent to a wall, the space between the wall and the grab bar must be 1-1/2". The grab bars must be mounted between 33" and 36" above the floor.

ADA grab bar location rear wall. ADA grab bar location side wall.

Rear Grab Bar: ADA compliant grab bars must be mounted 33"- 36" above the floor. If the toilet is not in a stall, the rear wall grab bar must be at least 36" long with the end closer to the side wall mounted at least 12" from the centerline of the toilet and extend at least 24" on the transfer side.

Side Grab Bar: The side bar must be at least 42" long and mounted a maximum 12" from the back wall. The end of the grab bar must extend a minimum of 54" from the back wall.

HELP! Our heavy duty grab bars exceed all ADA requirements for commercial buildings and public places. We also have ADA compliant wall to floor and post mounted swing up grab bars. (A solution when side wall doesn't meet code). See #29 heavy duty 54"wall to floor ADA grab bar: http://www.adaptiveaccess.com/grab_bars_toilet.php

Note: This information is provided as informal guidance, and is not a determination of your legal rights nor your responsibilities under the ADA or any other law. We strongly suggest that you meet with your local building officials and discus your project before it begins.