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- Suicide Proof Grab Bars & Handrails-

Thank you for your interest in our ADA compliant fully enclosed suicide proof grab bars and handrails. Our grab bars are quality made in the USA since 1909!

enclosed suicide proof grab bar

The bars are fabricated from type 304, 18 gauge (.049) satin stainless steel tubing with a non slip surface of approx. 600 grit and are available in 1-1/2" diameter and various lengths and configurations (including L-shaped). A heavy duty 11 gauge stainless steel closure plate extends from the underside of the grab bar to the wall, Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welded on three sides for maximum strength and durability.

Our standard bar uses the heavy duty concealed flange which locks to a tenon plate with stainless steel set screws after the tenon plate has been heavy duty concealed flangemounted. This is your best choice for replacing existing grab bars and offers the use of heavy fastening hardware. The bars are also available with exposed screw mount flanges by special order.