How we design, build and convert a bathtub into an accessible shower in Houston, Texas

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Our bathtub to shower design:

It can be really difficult and dangerous for some of us to step in and out of a bathtub because of the high tub walls. We can make it easier by replacing your existing tub with a custom built shower.

The configuration of most existing bathrooms will limit the size of the shower to the tub area (standard tubs measure 30" to 34" x 60").

We remove the tub and wall surround. We remove and plug the tub spout and can use the existing shower valve and controls.

Extend the existing tub drain to the center. Install a rubber shower pan. Install a 2" raised shower floor, sloped to the drain and a 4" high curb.

We suggest a custom built, ceramic tile shower, with a 4" high curb. The low curb makes it easier to step into the shower and will help keep the bathroom floor from getting wet. This will prevent a wheelchair from rolling into the shower. Consider the use of a transfer bench if needed.

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